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Dr. Louis Malcmacher, DDS, Bay Village, OH, Dentistry




Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry


I took my first hands-on intensive five day implant course with Dr. Selig in Mexico in February 2016. Right after taking the course, I came back with confidence to Los Angeles and performed full mouth upper and lower arch extractions and 4 mx and 4 mn implant placement with immediate dentures on one of my patients. It was an excellent course. The facilities were very modern and clean. The neighborhood was safe and the food was fantastic. I would recommend Dr. Selig's course to my colleagues.

Recent student experiences...


 “Great Instructor...  

                                          ...totally approachable..."    - Implant Direct Student, Florida


“I wanted to learn from someone that has 27-plus years experience and placed over 30-thousand implants in his career." “It’s like a private golf lesson…” “Confidence to place implants and care for my patients…” - Dr. R.D., Las Vegas Clinician


"I have taken two other good implant training courses including a live surgery but this was by far the best -a MUST DO." " Looking forward to having him here several more times."  "I never would have been able to ext those difficult teeth nor immediately place those implants if he wasn't right here" - Dr. B.H.,  Jackson, MS


"Best course I've taken in 28 years." " I wish I could pay him $100K to have him here once a week." " was so informative, that I plan on having him back at least 3 more times" - Dr. K.A.,  Jackson, MS


A doctors first immed. placement after flap less ext: " I could not have done this if dr Selig wasn't right there". "Trust me I've taken other hands on live courses" - Dr. R.R., Las Vegas




































Have you gone to a weekend class only to come home and not have the confidence you had while attending the class?


We all know everyone has the best intentions of using what they have learned and purchased at a course, but become reluctant to use and frustrated when they get back to the office.


For some taking the extra time to participate in a hands-on-course, the added expense for the instruction and related travel, along with loss of chair time, can only serve to compound the situation.


Wouldn't it be nice to have the class come to you AND have the Instructor, a Colleague, right there to guide you every step of the way?


How impressed would your patients be to know you have an expert right over your shoulder?



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