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Mentoring Training

Build your confidence for implant surgery with personalized instruction in your office.


This intensive coaching includes a mix of both didactic and live surgery instruction designed to meet your specific needs – helping you and your staff become fully proficient on all aspects of implant surgery, including bone regeneration and minimally-invasive, laser-assisted soft tissue surgery as well as tips for efficient operatory set-up and effective marketing.


Tuition based upon individual lesson plan. "Coaching is aimed at helping you generate a positive return on investment through the patient fees earned."




"I assessed, recommended, digitally treatment planned, and then implemented with surgical and prosthetic one-on-one supervision...


I feel I have finally been able to use all the skills I been trained to provide.


My patients are very happy with their outcomes. How cool is that!

I have the edge in confidence I was lacking, the newly acquired skills, and in-office support I need to provide the right implant therapy for the right patient regardless.

Thanks Guys!" -GTM

  • Customized pricing based upon number of days and geographical location.


  • Deposit of $995 USD (non-refundable fee) for communication and treatment planning before on site hands on surgical training.


  • Other long-term custom tailored instruction available upon request.


  • Tuition and rates are subject to surgical, prosthetic, and or combined instruction plans.


  • Tuition financing now available.







In your office with your staff and patients right now!"


Yes, you can do it...


...and do it well!


Just take the first step..., your staff, and patients will never regret it!"- JGM


Private Implant Lessons!































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